in the beginning

To blog about certain topics can be challenging to say the least.  Reading and Writing is not one of them.  I have not a clue however in the slightest what Creative Nonfiction is.  In the very scientific words of my mother, “How can Nonfiction be creative…it’s Nonfiction.”  A brilliant response from a Pharmacist who loves to read.  The only response I could come up with at the time, that it was required and I’d get back to her in four months.

As far as the readings go I find them insightful yet very long and drawn out at the same time.  Like Claire stated, I can’t wait until we actually get to the novel part of the class and skip all this old stuff.  The only author I have liked so far is Seneca.  I liked how he took the simplest of topics and wrote deep and profound meanings.  However, I am still a little confused about the one entitled “Scipio’s Villa,” and what taking a bath once a week has to do with anything.  My favorite was the first one called “On Noise.”  Here’s a writer who even posted a blog about this specific essay and has some very good things to say.  I even discovered my new favorite quote in this first essay. “The only true serenity is the one which represents the free development of a sound mind” (6).


As of now I do not follow many writers and what they are currently doing.  My favorite writers are already six feet under so I pretty much am clueless when it comes to contemporary writers.  The only ones that I read occasionally are the recent Kellogg Writer’s that have come here.   The first was Heid E. Erdrich I have purchased her newest book Cell Traffic from which she read while visiting our campus.  I have yet to sit down and actually open said book, but it’s on my to do list.  The second author that came was Matt Bell.  I have purchased and READ parts of the book, but not the whole thing.  It’s filled with wonderfully written short stories and the best one of the all is called “Wolf Parts.”  If you haven’t read it (or haven’t heard him read it) I highly suggest that you do.  It is nothing short of amazingggg. It’s creepy, twisted, and perverted, but so is everything else in life.  It’s different outlook on the classic story of “Little Red Riding Hood,” changed how I view the story entirely.  Please do not take my word on it…just go read it.  Welp I think that just about covers it for this blog.



  1. mckelveyk

    Good thoughts on Seneca. Tell your mom that cnf is using the elements of story, character, and metaphor to tell true stories. I enjoyed your insights on Matt Bell. I hope you can find some CNF writers as interesting as Matt Bell. You should also track down any of his essays if they’re out there.

  2. cejohnson

    Is this the guy who read in Esch? There was someone who read excerpts from a kind of scary story last semester.

    • kristen

      No he was the one who came to UIndy Hall, but I remeber what you’re talking about. I can’t remember the name but he was a horror writer. I wish I could have gone.

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