Revision and reading

Reading outside work is an important part of revision and first-draft writing as well. You need to see what other people have done.

Nate: Such a Life by Lee Martin, “Colander” and “All the Fathers that Night”

Claire: This essay for sure, “We Do Abortions Here” by Sallie Tisdale, and these other two I found when I couldn’t find the Tisdale essay: “Inside an Oklahoma Abortion Clinic”  and “Lucky Girl” by Bridget Potter (reprinted in Best American Essays)

Kristen: any of the essays listed here when I searched Procrastination on

Jessi: For some reason, I feel like commencement speeches are relevant. Conan O’Brien at Harvard in 2000. Stephen Colbert at Knox College in 2006.  Or maybe David Sedaris. And any essay on growing up.

Morgan: any essay by Adrienne Rich like “Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence” or any essay by Audre Lorde

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